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ICT Consultancy, Information Management Solutions, Software, Networks and Data Communications.

Who we are

Serval Ltd. is an ICT Services company providing solutions for businesses and organizations from our wealth of skills and experience.

We offer Consultancy, Network, Systems Integration, Software design, Data communication and performance tuning services. We have a team of highly skilled engineers with vast experience in software, information systems and network setup/design, management and support.  We offer skills transfer and training to the customer as needed.

Our team has worked extensively with much architecture, network and desk operating systems (and their applications).

What we do

We have a wide range of services within ICT and focus on giving Enterprises the right tools to do the best job they can do as efficiently as possible.

Our team has leveraged its skills with a goal to helping the client improve business conditions and performance. In the process addressing many of the difficulties found in surfacing and distributing information in an organization environment.

Our Strengths

Our team is a dedicated, talented and experienced unit with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.  We ensure each customer obtains the most out of their ICT investment. We do this by focusing our solutions on the whole organizations not just a small part thus certifying that our solutions are fully integrated into the organization's business processes.

Our staff skill set and experience in various ICT Technologies includes
Operating Systems Databases Applications Networking
Windows Desktop and Server 2000/XP/Vista/7 2003/2008 Oracle Various Office Suites Firer Optic Cabling
OS/2 Microsoft SQL Financial Packages Wireless Networks
Novell 3.x/4.x PostgreSQL Report Writers Ethernet Cabled Networks (10/100/1000)
Apple Macintosh OS 6, 7, 8, 9 and OS X MySQL Security and Identification Routers and Switches
Linux, HP-UX, SCO, BSDI, Solaris and FreeBSD   Encryption Base Stations